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3D Graphics Project: Catapults

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Class: Advance Computer Graphics

Programming Language and API: C++ , OpenGL

Description: 3D Graphics program utilizing OpenGL and the GL Utility Library (GLUT). Program was done for a computer graphics class and the requirements were to create a 3D scene. Program draws a makeshift catapult and castles from primitive OpenGL objects. The catapults animate and fire round boulders that fly in the air using simple physics equations for the trajectory.

Software Engineering Project: Bronco Scheduler

Program Download Link (544kb)

Source Code Download Link (152kb)

LAST UPDATED: 06/01/06

Class: Software Engineering

Programming Language and API: Java , Java Swing

Team Members: Brian Foster, Simon Phatiga, Michael Rueckert

Description: 10 week team project to build a program using software engineering design principles. Project began as a small calendar/scheduling program but soon turned into a full featured calendar program using a custom built Graphical User Interface. Program stores calendar files using the iCal standard which many commercial calendar products use. Our scheduling program is targeted specifically for students and faculty members to schedule specific school tasks for each term. Currently we are going to revise the program and our professor wishes to use the program and distribute it to all students at Cal Poly Pomona.

Game Development Project: Death Pays the Piper

Game Download Link (37MB)

Source Code Download Link (110k)

LAST UPDATED: 06/06/06

Class: Introduction to Game Development

Programming Language and API: C++, OpenGL, OpenAL, LUA

Team Members: Vinh Bui, Cory Bowen, Tony Lu, Richard Ortiz, Simon Phatiga

Description: I was the team leader for a 10 week project to build a complete 3D game from scratch using C++ and OpenGL. Game makes use of OpenGL and the GL Utility Library(GLUT) to build a 3D world for our game. All models were created using primitive shapes in OpenGL. OpenAL is used for the sound FX, and we use the LUA scripting language to read in game parameters and run the game's kiosk mode.

More information about this course can be found in this Gamasutra article by my instructor Dr.Kerbs

Our game is a 3rd person perspective Mystery/Adventure game , consisting of three main areas(levels). Please read the readme.txt for more information on the game.

Our group plans to work together more on this project to add in new features and convert it from OpenGL to DirectX in the future.

Flash Website: Angela Zanolari's On-line portfolio

Website Link

LAST UPDATED: 09/06/06

Programming Language and API: Macromedia Flash 8, Actionscript

Description: Programmed and built a fully functional Flash website for my cousin. She is a professional web and print designer and needed help creating a website using Macromedia Flash. The website uses flash for the whole site, and a bit of actionscript code and PHP code for the fuctions on the website such as the scrolling illustrations, and the email function on the flash site itself.